How to Maximize Your Pension

You are likely to know already how important your pension is. It is important to maximize your pension so that you can get the most out of it when you retire. You can take simple steps now that will increase your financial security when you retire. Understand Your Pension Formula A pension uses three factorsContinue reading “How to Maximize Your Pension”

Handling Your Business Finances in Economic Uncertainty

Economic uncertainty can happen at different times, and you need to know how to manage your finances to get through it. When the economy is uncertain, customers spend less money, which can impact your projections. It can hurt your profits and your daily cash flow. You need to be prepared and have a plan forContinue reading “Handling Your Business Finances in Economic Uncertainty”

Sovereign Wealth Funds’ Impact on Corporate Governance

Corporate governance issues can be very complex and they cover a broad range of topics. When it comes to financing, corporations usually have two channels that institutional investors will use when trying to impact portfolio company strategies. Some might talk to boards or management to go over governance issues. Others will decide to divest andContinue reading “Sovereign Wealth Funds’ Impact on Corporate Governance”

The Importance of Business Budget Planning

Having a detailed budget for your business is going to put you in a much better position. You should always strive to have an accurate business budget that will help to inform your decisions. The importance of business budget planning is high and you should take the time to learn more about it. Keep readingContinue reading “The Importance of Business Budget Planning”

Basic Financial Terms All Business Owners Should Know

As a business owner, it’s important to be able to understand various financial terms. You’re going to be hearing certain terms a lot and you should be familiar with them so that you don’t make mistakes due to misunderstanding a phrase. Read on to examine some of the basic financial terms that you should familiarizeContinue reading “Basic Financial Terms All Business Owners Should Know”

Understanding and Calculating Burn Rate

If you’re an entrepreneur, then you should be familiar with the concept of burn rate. This is basically a way to measure the overall sustainability of your business. It helps you to determine how long your company can keep things going until your sales start to go up. Often, this term is used for startupContinue reading “Understanding and Calculating Burn Rate”

Creating a Budget for Your Business

You want to be able to make sure that your business operates smoothly. One part of making this happen is going to involve creating a budget and adhering to it. Creating a budget for your business isn’t difficult, but you still might not be entirely sure what you should do. Read the information below soContinue reading “Creating a Budget for Your Business”

What Is Purchase Order Financing?

Cash flow problems have the potential to put your business in a very tough spot. If you don’t have enough cash to cover certain costs, then you could be panicked about what you should do. One thing that business owners can consider is purchase order financing. Read on to learn about what purchase order financingContinue reading “What Is Purchase Order Financing?”

Equity Financing Versus Debt Financing

Many small businesses encounter situations where they need money and have to find a way to get it. Lending standards can be somewhat tight in many places and this makes it difficult for some business owners to secure financing. There are going to be two basic avenues for business owners to travel when looking forContinue reading “Equity Financing Versus Debt Financing”

Obtaining a Business Loan in Ireland

If you’re trying to start a business or are looking to grow your business, it’s necessary to have funding. Many companies need to look into procuring business loans to make things happen. If you want to obtain a business loan in Ireland, there are a few things that you should know. Take a look atContinue reading “Obtaining a Business Loan in Ireland”

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